Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pictures and a court date..

So my days are now consumed with hopes of getting an October court date and waiting for another glimpse of my children's faces. We know there is no hope of a court date before closures so our prayer is this week we recieve or date for October after the courts reopen. Most of the time families only have a couple weeks to prepare to travel for court making it stressful and expensive. The further in advance you can book your flights the more affordable they are..current families were looking at flights around $4,000 a person! If we can book for october flights are around $1200 a person!! BIG difference!!!!! So join us in prayer that we get a date for early october! Pictures.... the way it works is when traveling families are given permission they can take pictures of your children..I currently have 3 people with consent forms that they can take pics of our kids! The Fields delivered or childrens first presents(carepackages) and this week The Barrams will deliver thier 2nd!!!!! I am so excited that they will get our family photo book this week so they can see thier whole new family!!! The wait till October will be a long one but new pictures and updates help:)

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