Thursday, August 5, 2010

With God ALL things are possible!

A while back I entered another adoptive families blog giveaway..and I won!! It was the movie "Facing the Giants" If you haven't seen it do so! Thanks Michele!! These last few weeks have been rather difficult on the adoption front... Truthfully it has felt like we have come up against a huge wall at every stage of this adoption, family support, finances, delays in paperwork etc.. The latest is getting our referral right before court closings! Most families wait about 4-8 wks at most for their court dates we will be waiting 3 months!! It is heartbreaking to be able to see their faces but know we will not be able to hold them for so long. I know that as a mom I want everything in my time but it will all be in God's time. After watching the movie tonight I realized (again!) I need to stop with my expectations and let God take control. With God ALL things are possible!!!

So as the day comes to a close we now have 2 days to find out our court date for October....If we get scheduled before court closes on Friday it will save us thousands..yes thousands of dollars in travel fees. If we don't get scheduled by Friday then we will not hear of our court date until after courts reopen Sept. 27th. At that point once we get scheduled we will probably have about 2 weeks to make our travel arrangements making flights a lot more expensive. So... tonight I put it all in God's hands! If we get a court date, I WILL Praise Him..If we don't get a court date I WILL Praise Him!!! He is good ALL the time!


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  2. Praying the great news comes today or tomorrow!!! Love the new look of your blog! -b

  3. Being the middle of my own time-sensitive adoption situation, I totally hear you. Hoping so much that you get a court date.

  4. Gosh, Paige! My heart goes out to you ~ as do my prayers. So glad to see that you are praising God even when you cannot see the why in His timing. Many prayers are going out for you and your kiddos! :o)

    Love your new blog look!