Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We are..#2

We are now #2 in line for siblings!!!! It is complicated so let me explain... We have an unofficial wait list that is kept up by our wonderful friend Reagan..As soon as your paperwork is mailed to Ethiopia you get a DTE date(dossier to Ethiopia) this is the date that puts you in order in line. We are put in line first by date..then by the gender and age of the child we are requesting

So we are requesting siblings..specifically a boy (0-6mths) and a girl (18mths-5yrs) our DTE date is 2/19/10

There are 15 families ahead of us based on DTE dates..but if you break them up by gender request it goes like this...We are 2nd in line for siblings ages (0-6yrs) there is one more family ahead requesting older siblings(2-7) so they do not affect us..and we are 9th for a boy...

Our adoption agency currently will NOT allow you to adopt 2 unrelated children so we technically are on the list in 2 places. We told our agency we want 2 children no matter what..we were told by requesting siblings especially as picky as I am being( most request 0-6 any gender but i want one of each...)we may wait a looong time so would we consider..when our turn...just accepting a referral for an infant boy? We said yes BUT only if we could then get an unrelated girl from the WCL( waiting child list>children over age 5) So this is how we would get around thier NO UNRELATED rule...if we wait for our boy referral we would be allowed to then accept a girl from the WCL...CONFUSED?!?! So we pray that we get a sibling referral...if not we are also in line for a boy..there we are in a 4way tie for 9th place(4 of us have the same DTE date) So all this recent movement is very exciting!!! We have been on the list a little over 2 months and I am so excited that things are actually moving!!! Somewhere out there some wonderful mother could be pregnant with my child.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tshirt giveaway

The Watson family is having a tshirt giveaway...they are bringing home 2 children from Ethiopia..check out thier great shirts and thier blog here

Friday, April 23, 2010

WCL(waiting child list) Prayers...

Ever since our adoption journey began I have looked at the WCL daily... The list contains children over 5yrs our children with HIV or minor disabilities. We have applied for siblings but we have also applied to the WCL for an older girl. Every day I pray for the children on this list..I have been especially praying for the oldest boy, who Praise God has a family on the way!!!!!!!!! I also have been praying for 2 sibling sets, each set has 4 children! To adopt 4 would be a huge undertaking for anyone..a complete family all in one shot! I have to admit even though we have 3 already the thought has crossed my mind:) I also know that I can't save every child as much as I would like to try! So I have both families pictures as my screensaver and I pray everyday that God will send them families..Today I saw that one family has an interested family!!!! Someone is reviewing thier file!!!! I'm so happy to see the list is getting shorter and shorter! I continue to pray for all of the children on this list and pray for thier future families to find them!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 months DTE

Two months has gone by since we submitted our dossier..we are now 4th in line for siblings and tied in 9th for a boy referral. My heart is aching for my kids especially after my trip to Haiti! I know our time will come but the thought of any child without a family, in an orphanage is so hard. While in Haiti we visited an orphanage that was ran with love but very little means to provide for the children. I couldnt hold back the tears...imagining my children in a place like that lonely and wanting for some love and a family. Seeing the childrens faces...some without any expression was awful..If everyone we knew could help just one child!!! Before this adoption journey began I admit I gave very little thought to any other children than my own...but once your eyes are opened you cant deny what you see! I know I cant help every child but I know we will be saving at least 2 children. Going to Haiti was a sad but wonderful experience one that I pray I can repeat soon! Thank you to everyone who supported us with donations and prayer:)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Check out this awesome site to see some wonderfully beautiful jewelry!!!! I have been admiring her Africa jewelry for some time now! I would love one for mothers day!! While you are there check out all the wonderful ways you can help the children of Ethiopia!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010


In 2 days my sister and I will be in is a busy few days before we go the house and preparing to leave my family for a whole week!! I have been blessed by all the monetary donations and all the toys and goodies people donated. We have 2 suitcases Full of stuff for the kids!!!! Many friends and clients gave towards this mission trip. One of the best surprises was my random meeting at walmart yesterday.... I went to go purchase more Matchbox cars...while I was loading my cart the couple that was stocking the display asked what I was doing...I use EVERY oportunity to tell anyone about this trip! They told me they worked for the manufaturer and to put the cars back! If I could arrange to pick up some boxes from thier home they would give them to me for FREE!!! I pick up boxes full of cars..I now have 172 cars in TOTAL!!!! Plus over 500 stickers....over 200 tattoos..276 Bubbles....78 pinwheels...candy and lots of other good stuff!! Also the manager at another store gave me 10% off and a bunch of free stuff! I can not wait to go and bless all the children!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a little movement.....

A family got a referral today for a little girl, they were also in line for siblings....because they accepted just a girl we moved UP on the sibling list!! So we are now 3rd in line for siblings and still in 12th for a boy. Bring on the referrals!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still waiting:)

Soon it will be 10 months that we have been on this adoption journey.... it has certainly been eye opening! Our lives have changed so much and our kids are not even here yet! The process really makes you look at things a lot differently. It is so much a FAITH thing! For those of you going through it you understand. Ever turn, every piece of paper, every fee....we are testing our Faith. To the average person this whole process is probably crazy.....we already have 3 healthy kids and we want 2 MORE?!?! CRAZY!! We have no idea where the money is coming from!?!? CRAZY!!!! NO its a FAITH thing! We know we are on the right path because God led us there and we know God already knows the outcome! So yes maybe a little crazy but a good CRAZY!!

As I said 10 MONTHS since we started and we are still tyed in 12th place on the waiting list. There were several referrals giving out this month but none on our unofficail waiting list. So we wait.....

While we wait I prepare to go on my First mission trip! We(my sister and I) are traveling to Haiti this Sunday!! We are meeting up with fellow bloggy Mom Kari and her Church James River Ministries. We are meeting up with Missions of Mercy which is already in Haiti. We will be handing out a whole lot of meals to families in need. I have been collecting donations such as bubbles, stickers, matchbox cars and other goodies to be able to give to the children. I am sure this is going to be a life changing journey.

Here are some pics of what we have been up to lately..