Friday, April 9, 2010


In 2 days my sister and I will be in is a busy few days before we go the house and preparing to leave my family for a whole week!! I have been blessed by all the monetary donations and all the toys and goodies people donated. We have 2 suitcases Full of stuff for the kids!!!! Many friends and clients gave towards this mission trip. One of the best surprises was my random meeting at walmart yesterday.... I went to go purchase more Matchbox cars...while I was loading my cart the couple that was stocking the display asked what I was doing...I use EVERY oportunity to tell anyone about this trip! They told me they worked for the manufaturer and to put the cars back! If I could arrange to pick up some boxes from thier home they would give them to me for FREE!!! I pick up boxes full of cars..I now have 172 cars in TOTAL!!!! Plus over 500 stickers....over 200 tattoos..276 Bubbles....78 pinwheels...candy and lots of other good stuff!! Also the manager at another store gave me 10% off and a bunch of free stuff! I can not wait to go and bless all the children!

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