Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still waiting:)

Soon it will be 10 months that we have been on this adoption journey.... it has certainly been eye opening! Our lives have changed so much and our kids are not even here yet! The process really makes you look at things a lot differently. It is so much a FAITH thing! For those of you going through it you understand. Ever turn, every piece of paper, every fee....we are testing our Faith. To the average person this whole process is probably crazy.....we already have 3 healthy kids and we want 2 MORE?!?! CRAZY!! We have no idea where the money is coming from!?!? CRAZY!!!! NO its a FAITH thing! We know we are on the right path because God led us there and we know God already knows the outcome! So yes maybe a little crazy but a good CRAZY!!

As I said 10 MONTHS since we started and we are still tyed in 12th place on the waiting list. There were several referrals giving out this month but none on our unofficail waiting list. So we wait.....

While we wait I prepare to go on my First mission trip! We(my sister and I) are traveling to Haiti this Sunday!! We are meeting up with fellow bloggy Mom Kari and her Church James River Ministries. We are meeting up with Missions of Mercy which is already in Haiti. We will be handing out a whole lot of meals to families in need. I have been collecting donations such as bubbles, stickers, matchbox cars and other goodies to be able to give to the children. I am sure this is going to be a life changing journey.

Here are some pics of what we have been up to lately..

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