Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We are..#2

We are now #2 in line for siblings!!!! It is complicated so let me explain... We have an unofficial wait list that is kept up by our wonderful friend Reagan..As soon as your paperwork is mailed to Ethiopia you get a DTE date(dossier to Ethiopia) this is the date that puts you in order in line. We are put in line first by date..then by the gender and age of the child we are requesting

So we are requesting siblings..specifically a boy (0-6mths) and a girl (18mths-5yrs) our DTE date is 2/19/10

There are 15 families ahead of us based on DTE dates..but if you break them up by gender request it goes like this...We are 2nd in line for siblings ages (0-6yrs) there is one more family ahead requesting older siblings(2-7) so they do not affect us..and we are 9th for a boy...

Our adoption agency currently will NOT allow you to adopt 2 unrelated children so we technically are on the list in 2 places. We told our agency we want 2 children no matter what..we were told by requesting siblings especially as picky as I am being( most request 0-6 any gender but i want one of each...)we may wait a looong time so would we consider..when our turn...just accepting a referral for an infant boy? We said yes BUT only if we could then get an unrelated girl from the WCL( waiting child list>children over age 5) So this is how we would get around thier NO UNRELATED rule...if we wait for our boy referral we would be allowed to then accept a girl from the WCL...CONFUSED?!?! So we pray that we get a sibling referral...if not we are also in line for a boy..there we are in a 4way tie for 9th place(4 of us have the same DTE date) So all this recent movement is very exciting!!! We have been on the list a little over 2 months and I am so excited that things are actually moving!!! Somewhere out there some wonderful mother could be pregnant with my child.....

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