Friday, April 23, 2010

WCL(waiting child list) Prayers...

Ever since our adoption journey began I have looked at the WCL daily... The list contains children over 5yrs our children with HIV or minor disabilities. We have applied for siblings but we have also applied to the WCL for an older girl. Every day I pray for the children on this list..I have been especially praying for the oldest boy, who Praise God has a family on the way!!!!!!!!! I also have been praying for 2 sibling sets, each set has 4 children! To adopt 4 would be a huge undertaking for anyone..a complete family all in one shot! I have to admit even though we have 3 already the thought has crossed my mind:) I also know that I can't save every child as much as I would like to try! So I have both families pictures as my screensaver and I pray everyday that God will send them families..Today I saw that one family has an interested family!!!! Someone is reviewing thier file!!!! I'm so happy to see the list is getting shorter and shorter! I continue to pray for all of the children on this list and pray for thier future families to find them!

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