Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 months DTE

Two months has gone by since we submitted our dossier..we are now 4th in line for siblings and tied in 9th for a boy referral. My heart is aching for my kids especially after my trip to Haiti! I know our time will come but the thought of any child without a family, in an orphanage is so hard. While in Haiti we visited an orphanage that was ran with love but very little means to provide for the children. I couldnt hold back the tears...imagining my children in a place like that lonely and wanting for some love and a family. Seeing the childrens faces...some without any expression was awful..If everyone we knew could help just one child!!! Before this adoption journey began I admit I gave very little thought to any other children than my own...but once your eyes are opened you cant deny what you see! I know I cant help every child but I know we will be saving at least 2 children. Going to Haiti was a sad but wonderful experience one that I pray I can repeat soon! Thank you to everyone who supported us with donations and prayer:)

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