Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Carepackage #3

So in a few days our 3rd package for our kids will be on its way to Ethiopia Thanks to the Faust family!!! We are so blessed to have such a great adoption family! I just had to buy this doll for my little girl even though it will take up more space than I should be utilizing Reagan agreed to make it fit!!! And for my little man some more good stuff!!! This time flash cards, punch ballons a ball and an imaginetix toy and bubbles!!
We know it will be sometime in October when we meet or kids but we won't find out when until courts reopen Sept. 27th so for now we pray for them and thank all the families that are able to show them some love and give them our presents. I can't wait till all the traveling families get home so I can get some more pics of the kids! Internet is spotty in Ethiopia so I have only got a few but once they get home they will be able to upload all the great photos they took! Thank you Field, Barram and Faust families!!!!


  1. I can't even imagine buying dolls! Can't wait!

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