Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ethiopia travel and donations

Our first trip to Ethiopia is most likely going to be in October so while we wait I want to get a jump on my To-Do list! First things first we need to raise the money we will need for our travels. It is now a TWO trip travel itinerary.

First Time: In October just Anthony and I will travel. We will be meeting our children for the first time!!! We will attend court and hopefully the judge will declare them legally ours!!! This trip will last 5-7 days and will cost between 5,000 and $7,000.

Second Trip: This will be anywhere from 4-12 weeks after our first trip! I am praying for 4! At this time at least one of us will travel but most likely both! We will attend an embassy appointment and be granted our childrens visas. Then WE BRING THEM HOME! This trip will cost about $7,000 and last between 5-7 days.

So if you have totalled that.. we are looking to raise around $10-$14,000 before December!! So watch for our upcoming fundraisers: A Night at the Movies TBA, Tshirt sales..ONGOING on our blog www.ourethiopianblessings.blogspot.com. We also have a donation button CHIP IN (it is through paypal) if you would like to donate to our travel funds. We apologize ahead of time but we NEED your help to bring our kids home! If you are some of the lucky ones to have seen thier pictures you know how much God has blessed us!!! They are an answer to our prayers! PLEASE be a part in giving them a new future!

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