Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So yesterday we got the best present ever!!! Video of our kids opening up the care packages we sent them!!!! I have watched it over..and over!!!! Thank you so much Field family! Our second care package will hopefully reach thier sweet hands tommorrow thanks to the Barram family!!!

We are still waiting and praying for news of a court date..in the mean time I sent out my first set of update questions! Once a month until they come home we are allowed to ask 5 questions each that we would like the Nanny's who are caring for our kids to answer. At the end of each month we will recieve the answers and a new photo!!! Here are this months questions:

Does he sleep in the same room with his sister at the TH or are they in seperate rooms?
yes they sleep in the same room

What does he know or understand about getting a new family?
He knows his new family is going to be his caretakers and supporters and he is very happy with it

Does he have any fears or concerns?
Not really; he is hoping his new parents and country will be good for him

What language are they speaking/learning?
He speaks the language od Sidama and is learning english letters and numbers through amharic(he also understands amharic)

He seems very shy..Does he interact with other children, a special friend?
He is a bit shy to new faces but he interacts well with other children but he has No special friend at the TH

Are they both toilet trained?
Yes; but T****** wears a diaper in nightimes

What are Thier measurements? (height/weight)
She weighs 27lbs and is 33.1in. tall  He is 34.8 lb and 39.4 in tall

How is her personality/behavior?
She is sociable,plays well with others,humble and respects someone's order and discipline

Does she have a special friend and toys?
She has a special friend at the TH that she like very much

Is she afraid of anything?
Nothing special

( they also said he really likes to eat Injera, can solve puzzles and likes to play Soccer!) (she eats all kinds of food,can paint and trace numbers and alphabets,likes to play with toys) They are both in good medical condition!


  1. So exciting that you now have VIDEO of the children! Wow! Can't technology be truly wonderful?! :) Great questions for the nannies, too!

  2. So excited for you! Love all your posts too!
    The Barram's are some of our best friends. So glad they got the video for you!