Sunday, September 5, 2010

Monthly updates

So we got alot of questions answered this month about our left me with very few questions to ask this month! This will be our last set of questions till probably November as we hope to travel in October. We are allowed to ask 5 questions each child for the nannies to answer. Height and weight updates are included every month. So this is what we came up with..

Doe she understand she is being adopted and won't see her family again? if so how does she feel about it?

She does not understand it yet

What are thier bedtimes and wake times, do they both sleep all night or take naps?

She sleeps on early hours an raise late; they go to bed on 7:30pm and wakes on 6:00am

Is there anything they would like to know about us?

They want to know about their bedroom in their new family; how does it looks like and what things might they expect

What are her favorite foods? dislikes?

She likes injera and not interested in spaghetti and macaroni

Does she have a large vocabulary and understand amharic?
Not large vocabulary but she can understand Amharic

What clothes size and shoe size fits them best?

Clothing size is 2-4 and shoe size is 9

What is known about the region that they are from?

They came from the SNNP region of the country which is located in the southern part of the country. Its called Sidama Zone a few kilometers from a city called Awassa. Its known for its diverse historical and cultural heritages and even their own calendar. But due to the high population density in the particular place the people cannot share the resources in a fair and suitable way which makes the majority to be poor

Did he make any special friends this month?
Yes, c***** is his close friend

Are thier teeth healthy, do they have any cavities?
Yes they have clean teeth

Do they have any comments about us after seeing our pictures, or concerns?
They feel good about the pictures.

Tune in the end of September first week of October for the answers!!

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