Thursday, September 23, 2010


I need Granola bars!!! Actually I don't need them, the children in Ethiopia do! As I try to get prepared for our trip, I am trying to gather everything that I can think of that will be needed. We are hoping to collect donations to take with us. Clothes, medicine, toothbrushes, shoes, diapers, formula and GRANOLA BARS! Why Granola Bars? Many children are homeless and poor and to be able to have any food with me to hand them is priceless. I will have a bag with me at all times that will have Granola bars to hand out.

Our Adoption Agency has 2 homes in Ethiopia that house over 200 waiting children. Children waiting for their families to get cleared to bring them home. While they are there they are cared for by loving nannies, that only make $2 a DAY!! Yet they care for our children like they are their own. Our children also attend school and have access to a Doctor. The amount of money from our adoption that goes to our agencies home is very minimal. That is why they rely heavily on donations form traveling families. Our children come from orphanages into our agencies homes which are called Transition homes. One house for the babies and one for the older children. The come with only the clothes on their backs. So we are trying to collect anything that we can help bless them with. We were given a very long list but I condensed it to a few items that I thought I could try to gather specifically.We are hoping to travel by the 2nd week of October so I would need items soon! Thanks for helping and for praying for us and our children!

If you would like to help there are a few ways:

Start by scrolling down to my blog post "Orphanage Donations"

1) We will have a donation bin available at our Movie night on Oct. 2nd

2) If you are close we can arrange to pick it up from you, or you can mail it to us also!

3) You can make a monetary donation through our "Chip In" fund and mark it "Donations for Ethiopia", I will then use that money specifically to buy donations

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