Friday, September 10, 2010

An Afternoon at the movies...well sort of and a Tshirt giveaway!!

So as you all may or may not know...Ethiopia adoptions now require you to travel twice to bring your kids home. When we started this process 14 months ago, it was a 1 trip country! This extra trip will cost us about $5-$7,000 depending on the airfare costs at the time. We have had very little luck with the fundraising that we have done so we are trying something new! A MOVIE!!! If we sell all 600 presale tickets we will make at least $2700! That will cover our tickets for at least 1 trip!!! They are only $5 each!

600 Pre-sale tickets
We know not everyone will want to come, or can because they don't live close or whatever the reason. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to help us bring our kids home! $5 per 1 or buy a couple!!! All money is helping to bring home our kids!!! If you want to purchase some "virtual" tickets please scroll down to the "CHIP IN" button on the right hand side of the blog. Donate $5 for each ticket and we will mark you down for your tickets!!! We want to sell out the theatre!!! Please help bring our kids home! Please also help by sharing this on your blogs or on facebook. I know with a little help from our friends we can do this!!!! How many tickets Do You Want???
Only $5 per ticket and you can help bring home 2 Orphans!
To Help Encourage you to spread the word..We are giving away 2 of our Adoption T-shirts and a Tote Bag!!!!!! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and your blogs!!! You will get your name entered once for each time you share this post!!! Make sure to leave a comment below of where you shared this post!! You can enter as many times as you can share it in the next 2 weeks! So make sure every time you share it you leave a comment! We will do a drawing on Friday September 24th at 9pm So share away!!!
I Will Not Abandon You As Orphans, I Will Come To You John 16:18


  1. I added a post on my blog about your giveaway! I hope it routes a few people your way:) If you draw my name just keep it and do another giveaway. I LOVE your shirts, but I just want to help you bring your kids home. Good luck. We are praying for you.

  2. I just posted it on my facebook as well. Hope it helps. I pray you have an awesome turnout and that the donations are pouring in!

  3. HI Paige, it is out there on my face book! I am praying that you have great success, a quick court date, and that we travel together!