Thursday, November 11, 2010

Waiting on embassy...

So more waiting...after court a whole bunch of papers have to be compiled and then submitted to the US embassy. At this point they either approve us to travel for our visa appointment or they start an investigation. At this point they are still working on gathering our paperwork, they are hoping to submit it all on Monday. Here is the problem..they are only allowed to submit paperwork on Wednesdays!!! So it should've already been handed in!!! They are praying that the US embassy will agree to except it all late!!! If they do we could possibly be traveling to bring our kids home on Nov. 22nd. If they don't except it late we are looking at Dec. 8th! Either way or kids should be home for Christmas!! I know its not that far away but every day seems like an eternity. It will be 18mths since we started this whole journey...the whole time we have been wishing for time to go quickly so we can get them home. When I look at all our children all I want is time to slow down. Just since July, Tamirat and Million have changed so much! I'm sure once they are home and get healthy they will change and grow even more!!! For the most part they are both healthy but  Milly has been congested with a cough since she got there. I really want to get them home and get them healthy!!! Until we can go please pray that they stay healthy and that we can have everything prepared on this end to bring them home! Here are a few more pics from our trip:)

 YUM!!! Her first fruit snacks!
 Daddy and Tamirat
Million going up the slide for the 100th time!
 The kids with one of their nannies
 Our boy..Tamirat
                                                                                                           Catch me Daddy...


Say What???

Our silly girl

Walking from the younger TH to the older TH..Daddy and Tamirat are up ahead

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  1. Congratulations on officially being parents to these two beautiful children. They have joyful smiles.

    I read what you wrote on the post below and I agree completely with everything that you said. I miss Ethiopia so much. My husband and our oldest son are back there right now (I guess he couldn't stay away!). What you said about the need is how I feel as well. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming but seeing our kids (who have been home for over a year now) doing well, gives me hope. I know that adoption made a difference for our two and I know that they have made such a difference for us.