Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They are coming Home!!!!!!

After 19 mths of waiting and praying..our children are coming home!! We got the word today that we have an embassy appointment on Dec. 8th! This is the day we will go to the embassy to get our children's visas. It is 19 days away till we have Gotcha Day! This is the day we pick them up and keep them FOREVER!!!! They will stay with us from there on out! I already have their suitcase packed with new clothes, PJ's shoes and toys! Next I start Christmas shopping!!! I plan on having all that done before they come home as I will not be able to be taking them everywhere. Actually after we get home we are going to keep things kind of quiet. We know everyone wants to meet them but we ask for a little while that we let them settle in and bond with us for awhile. They are used to seeing many people and having many caregivers, but they need to learn that we are mom and dad and we are there for all of their needs. Anyone who would like to greet us at the airport are welcome!!! I think Francesca is trying to get her whole 8th grade class! As time gets closer I will let you all know the time and place.

Today was also a very emotional day we received their birth certificates with our names on them as their parents!! I have been dreaming about this month for 19mths, it is almost surreal now that it is here. This adoption as been a true test of our faith but it has also strengthened it. Please continue to pray as we prepare for our trip and as our children prepare to leave the only country they have ever known. Everything will be new..the car..the hotel..the shower..the food..the airplane ..the language..basically everything! They will be coming home with people who have only spent a small amount of time with them and who do not speak their language. It will be an adjustment for all of us. We are so excited I cant even explain it!

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  1. OH, PAIGE!!!! I have followed you on your journey to these precious little ones, and I cannot express to you how OVERJOYED I am to know that they will be in your arms and family FOREVER in a matter of days! Bless your heart for enduring this wait that was MORE than worth it, but not easy none-the-less! :) SO can't wait to see your whole family together!!!!!