Monday, November 29, 2010

Counting down..

We are counting down the days till they are home for good!!! 5 days till we leave!! 7 till Gotcha day and 11 days till we are home as a family of 7!!!! It is surreal that after this long they are finally coming home..It's for real!!! Finally all 5 kids on the same the same house!!! The kids have been busy getting ready for Tamirat and Milly to come home. They made a paper chain to count down the days..
We also decided that this was the perfect time to use our Africa cookie cutter!! I bought it sometime last year but we were saving it for a special occasion! I think the kids coming home is a perfect reason!! They took cookies to school to share with their teachers too! This has been a long process for all of us but imagine how hard the wait is for kids! They have been asking "when are they coming" since we mailed the application! So many teachers in multiple schools are also excited to see an end to our long journey! They all have shared stories and pictures and even video's with their teachers, classmates and friends!

Lots of excitement in our house...I can't believe it is almost time!!


  1. Thinking of you while you're away, Paige. I think it's tomorrow or the next day you get to finally meet your kids, and I am so excited for you.

    Many blessings as you start out on a new path as a family of seven!!


  2. Found you through Debb's blog - Holding God's Hand in the Journey. I am just in time to watch you bring home you kiddos! Excited to learn more about your family! Blessings!