Friday, November 19, 2010

Tickets are Booked!!!!

So in 2 weeks we will be boarding a plane headed to our kids!!! Lets just say we are a little excited!!!! This time we are flying Emirates..last time we flew Ethiopian airlines. It was awful!!!! Let me was clean and the staff was friendly but it is way too small of a plane to be on for 16hrs straight! Absolutely no leg room..your knees were against the seat and if someone decided to recline they were in your lap! We flew through Rome where we had to stop and refuel. We sat on the ground for over an hour and you could not get up and walk around the whole time you were on the ground. On the way home we took the scenic route! We flew from Addis Abba to Rome then we flew up by GREENLAND then back down to D.C. and then back to NY. It took us forever! We chose them because the price was better. This time we lucked out the price for Emirates was better! We will be on a HUGE plane! A double-decker! Hopefully this will make the trip a little easy as 16hrs on one plane can be. On the way home we will have 2 toddlers to occupy our time! Flying to Africa twice in 8 weeks has been very costly! One of the biggest portions of our adoption. We were blessed to make enough money for our tickets for trip 1 but trip 2 is double the cost. We are praying we hear good news on a grant we applied for to help with the costs. If you ask me though I would pay what ever cost I had to to get our kids home! We know that God will provide a way..

So here it is:

Sat Dec 4:     Leave Buffalo at 4:58pm- Arrive JFK at 6:30pm    TIME: 1hr 32min
                      Leave JFK at 11pm headed to Dubai (aboard the big plane:)    TIME: 12hrs 30min

Sun. Dec.5    Arrive Dubai 8:30pm  Here we have a forced overnight layover.. hopefully we can see a little of the city and get some sleep! Our first trip we went 24hrs with no sleep!

Mon Dec. 6   Leave: Dubai at 8:25am
                      Arrive: Addis Ababa  Ethiopia at 11:25am  TIME: 4hrs

Now the rest is unsure. We will get picked up by someone from our agency and then probably taken to the Guest house or To OUR KIDS!!!!!! I'm unsure if Monday is our Gotcha day or not?? If it is this is how I am guessing things will go...

Monday Dec.6  Go to TH and be reunited with our children. This is called Gotcha day! This is the day they will leave with us and never go back! Lots of crying and Praising God on this day! Yes I will take lots of video and pictures so you can cry too!

Tuesday Dec.7  This is the day we do our embassy paperwork and maybe some sightseeing.

Wed. Dec. 8  Embassy appointment this is not like court so I'm assuming everything will go as planned and they will start preparing our kids visas.

Thur. Dec. 9- Dec 10 Sightseeing and shopping

Fri. Dec 10   Leave: Addis at 7:35pm
                     Arrive: Dubai 12:35am                 TIME: 4hr

Sat. Dec.11  Leave: Dubai at 2:05am
                      Arrive: NYC at 7:20am               TIME: 14hrs 20min in all ( this is the big plane again)

                      Leave: NYC at 12:05pm We are flying Jet blue  TIME: 1hr 19min
                      Arrive: home at 1:24pm!!!

So if you are local and want to welcome us at the Airport we get in on Jet blue at 1:24pm on Sat. Dec.11th at the Buffalo Airport!!!

This is the day we have been waiting 18mths for! The day our whole family meets for the first time! The day we are united as a family of 7!!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Thrilled for your family!