Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Movie Fundraiser..

Well.. after a month of selling and endless posting on was our Movie day!!! "Radio" was a very good choice!! I think all that attended enjoyed it! Although the attendance was very minimal,we did really well! We truly appreciate everyone who came today!! We are so thankful to all that donated on our blog, bought tickets and helped sell tickets!!! We only sold a few tickets at the door but several family and friends blessed us with cash donations!!

We sold around 400 tickets and received numerous donations! Thanks to the owner of the theatre we made 100% profit!! He did not charge us a penny!!!! What a huge blessing and surprise!!! We are so thankful for everyone that had a part in helping us!! So our grand total is......

Thank you!!!!!! Our plane tickets for trip 1 are paid in FULL!!!!!!! Now all we need is a court date!!

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