Friday, October 8, 2010

Praise God!!

The last few days have been an emotional roller coaster!! A few days ago we received our court date...we happily booked our flights! The next day our agency called wondering if we had booked yet..Uh yes!!! Well we are a little up in the air about your trip...we don't have any info for you but hold tight we will get back to you! Does that mean we might not be going on the 29th?? We will work as hard as we can to insure that you still go! Well we heard NOTHING for 48hrs!!! We had already booked our flights and it would cost $500 to change them!!! Needless to say all of us with court dates were worried..we were told that AWAA staff would be meeting with the Ethiopian judge in the morning! Well morning there is night here..Ethiopia is 7 hrs ahead of us! So we sprang into action.. We asked our amazing Yahoo group of fellow adoptive families to PRAY!!! Well God listened!!!!! This morning minutes after the offices opened we got the call!!!! I have to admit I was scared to answer the phone...I think I had been holding my breathe for 2 days! As soon as she told me the good news I started crying, I tried not to but couldn't help it! This is an emotional roller coaster ride!!! To make the day even better...3 MORE families got court dates!!! 2 of them have become my closest friends through this whole process!! I am so overjoyed for them and so excited that we all get to meet our children!! We leave in 15 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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