Tuesday, October 5, 2010

20 Days!!!!

In 20 days we will be meeting our children for the very first time!!! I have been an emotional wreck the last 24hrs just thinking about it!!! We have also been going crazy trying to book our flights!!! We had to have everything planned by 1pm today!! Good thing we booked today and not yesterday...we saved $300 a person today!!!!! So we are now officially booked with 2 round trip tickets to Ethiopia, Africa!!!!!!!!!!! I have been dreaming about this day since before we even mailed our application to the adoption agency! I cant believe it is almost here! 17 months from the day we applied till the day we get to meet our children! It has been a long, hard wait! We still have to wait but at least there is an end in sight!! 20 days!!!!! It will then be another wait to bring them home but for now I will be happy to hold them and tell them we love them!!! I am still sad for all of my other adoptive friends that have yet to receive their court dates..there are over 20 families still waiting. Two families in particular have become my sources of strength through this whole journey. I pray for them and all the families waiting.

So if you read our post about our last fundraiser we raised $2883! Well our flights were $1411 each! Just what we were expecting so..tickets PAID!!! We will still have in country costs..room, food etc. and trip#2 but Praise God these tickets are paid for!!!

So here it is the dreaded long.....flight

Sat. Oct 23
Leave: Buffalo at 2:30pm
Arrive:    Wash/Dullas  3:38pm
Leave: Dullas at 830pm (board ETHIOPIAN airlines!!)
Stop: Rome- refuel
Arrive: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!!!!! 7pm  Sun.October 24th

Friday Oct. 29
Leave: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 10:15pm
Stop: Refuel Rome
Arrive: Wash/Dullas 7:55am Sun. Oct.30
Leave: Wash/Dullas 12:43pm
Arrive: Buffalo 1:51pm

As you can see Anthony and I will have lots of bonding time:) On the way there we will be so excited I am guessing it wont be so bad..on the way home, that will be interesting!! We are still working on the planning for while we are there but we will have Monday - Friday with Court on Friday! Then we will have to say goodbye to our children and head home without them..this I am dreading!! For now I focus on how wonderful it will be to finally hold them!! Continued prayers appreciated  as we continue on our journey...

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  1. Paige...my name is Vanessa Hlavaty. I am life long friend of your cousin Karen Horn Jansen. My husband and I live in Louisville, KY and are in the early stages of adopting our first child. FROM ETHIOPIA!!! Karen sent me the link to your blog some time ago and I check it every day. This post made me cry happy tears for you & your family! I can't wait to hear all about your trip.
    Vanessa Hlavaty