Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today was the day!!!!!! We got the much anticipated call!!!!! Siblings!!!!! Our little girl is  2 1/2  and our son is 4 1/2. They are adorable!!!!!!! Now we wait some more....we will have to go to Ethiopia  twice...once for court and then a second time to bring them home. Courts are closed from August 6th till Sept. 27th so most likely we will not be meeting our kids until October. I am sad about that but I know they are in good hands. Many families will be able to check on them, take presents and take pictures for us. For now we pray for them until we can get them home. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!!! Im am also excited to be sharing this with my DTE buddy!!! They got thier call today too:)))))) I am loving staring at thier pictures!!!


  1. Just wanted to say again how very happy we are for you!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOO OVERJOYED and HAPPY for you guys! Your patience and trust in God has brought you a wonderful duo! Can't wait to see their pics when you can show them! Enjoy staring at their faces! It's REAL! They are going to be YOURS FOREVER!!! :o) CONGRATULATIONS! Will pray for you and them throughout the remainder of your journey! :o)