Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Referral day...

Thought I would share the story of our referral day... I laugh now when I think back at the day! It started like every other thursday did since we went DTE.. I started the morning off with my daily text to my DTE buddy Kelly! Thursday we texted all day and prayed for each other all day! The day went on with the usual Facebook stalking and me whining about no phone call. I also watched my Blackberry for any emails of other families who may post about thier referrals. So as the day gets later and later us waiting for referrals get more and more discouraged as we know the agency closes at 5! So I have now instant messaged my husband (whom forget his cellphone that day) and called him to cry and complain that yet another thursday has come to a close and NO referral call... Now its 3:45 my DTE buddy texts me she is going to the chropracter because all this waiting is stressing her and odds are our call is not coming! So now we text-whine to each other that now we are heading into month 5 of waiting...little did we know;) So about 4:10 pm I get a call on my cell from my BFF in california, we just said hello when my other line beeped in....IT WAS A 703# Oh my the Adoption agency!!!!! Ahh!! " I have to call you back its my adoption agency!!!!!" RUN outside as I have work being done in my house and it is super noisey... Hello?" Hi this is Caitlin"( like I didnt know;)" Is your husband home?? "  "No hes at work... why??"( i was still being cautious to get too excited) "This is your REFERRAL call!!" AHHHH!!!! I am now suddenly naucious and weak in the knees.... "Uh.. he forgot his CELLPHONE but we can call him at work!" "Ok wait Ill call and conference you in..(now I hear elevator music and I scream outloud hoping my neighbors didnt hear me....waiting.... " um.. his secretary says he is on the phone and will have him call me back" " Do you want me to tell you or wait for him?" ( i paused a second UGH.."wait for him..." Did you tell his secretary it was the adoption agency?!" yes... Doesnt she get this is a 911!!!!! Yes I said all this to her!!! Ok so I now have to hang up! AND WAIT!!! I immediatly call the office secretary answers...I say " is he still on the phone!!!!!!!!" Yes.. GET HIM OFF ITS ABOUT OUR KIDS!!! So in the mean time I text my DTE buddy with shaking hands to tell her I got the call but am waiting... She texts me back.... I just missed a call from her too!!!!!! AHHHHH she is getting her call too!!!!! So he finally calls me back and says What?! I now scream its OUR CALL!!!! Our REFERRAL call!!! We spend about 10 minutes trying to call back and we get voicemail saying she is gone for the day!! Now im freaking out.... We finally get through.. and together we hear the info on our kids!!!! She sends me an email with thier pics and info BUT my husband and family are not home!!! We want to see them the first time all together but WAIT..he is at work the kids are 30 min. away so it will take an hour before they get home..UGH can I wait?! Ok I will... an hour later then pull up and all run into the house( for the last 30min. my sister has been here trying to convince me to let her take a peek first:) love her! NO! I'm waiting.. So we all sit in front of the computer and I make my nephew record it but at the same time POUNDING...and more pounding in my house so video is ruined but... Oh my! My kids are adorable!!!!!! Months and months of waiting and praying and I finally know who they are... It is so worth the wait people!!! Then in true Alleca style we all run off in different directions as our other kids have stuff going on;) I was up until 2 am that night and have been pretty much ever since!!!


  1. So exciting :) We are very happy for you Paige. Can't wait to see their pics sometime soon hopefully!

  2. Ahhh love this! Found your blog through browsing. We are in the same program...