Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank You!!!!

By now I hope mostly everyone got the cards we mailed!!! If you didn't get one I'm sorry we missed you!!! Why, Thank you??? We wanted to say a Big Thank You to all who were a part in bringing our kids home! Whether you gave financially, prayed, said Good luck, offered advice, shared in our excitement, posted or links on Facebook or Email, bought our T-shirts or Magnets,came too our fundraisers or donated items, donated items and Money for the orphanages,Took pictures and video and care packages for our kids, helped with our kids while we were out of town or just let us know you supported us...WE ARE SOOOOOOO THANKFUL!!!!! We could not have done this without all you! Adoption is a Huge undertaking and it takes an army to make it to the finish line! We are in awe every day at how well they are doing and what a blessing they are!! Our journey does not end here so please continue to pray for their transition and ours:) I thought I would include some of our outtakes just for the fun of it!