Saturday, January 1, 2011

3 weeks of happenings...

We have been a family of 7 for 3 weeks now!! Yes we are still adjusting but for the most part everything is going great! We celebrated our first Christmas together! As hard as the other kids tried I don't think they really understood the Santa thing..the have spent all week thinking the fake Santa on our front porch is the real Santa:) I'm sure next year they will understand better. Matteo woke up at 4am Christmas morning!!! As hard as I tried he wouldn't go back to bed! So by 6am the rest of the house was awake and the unwrapping began!!! It was all a little overwhelming, Tommy wanted to stop at gift #2 and most of his gifts are still hidden so no one else takes them! They are not used to all of these was such a blessing thoughh to have them all together FINALLY!!! We look forward to the New Year!

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  1. Awww.....sweet family Christmas photo! So glad you all were together for your first Christmas together! Just think! SO MANY more to come! May God continue to bless your family!