Saturday, January 8, 2011

1 Month

I cant believe it has been 1 month already!! I think we were so busy with the holidays and birthdays that time flew by. Seems like yesterday we were praying for God to reveal our children to us and now they are here forever!! Well life in the Alleca household has certainly changed in 1 month! 5 kids will do that! We are amazed at how well everyone is adjusting( as I listen to the kids fighting in the other room..I laugh) Really we are adjusting just fine:) All of us have had to get used to 7 people in one house...7 in 1 car..7 at the dinner table! Matteo is learning right along with Tommy and Milly what it means to share..being the youngest and the only boy he never had to. I can tell you my house is Never clean and certainly Never quiet!!! So if you stop by unannounced you never know what you may find! I have given up and stopped stressing right now I focus on food on the table( LOTS of it) and making sure we have clean clothes! I look at them even in the times when they are testing my patience and think...this time will go by so fast! We spend our time as parents teaching them to dress themselves..feed themselves..become more and more grown up but I truly want to savor all of it! Even the not-so fun stuff! I look at my 13yr old and know soon the hugs will be far and few between and the temper tantrums will stop(well sort of) and they too will be grown up:(  I'm tired and yes cranky at times but my heart and my home are full. They are both such blessings to all of us. Here is a look at the difference 1 month makes...

July 2010

Home 1 month Dec 2010

July 2010

Home 1 month Dec 10
Tommy as we call him..mostly because that is what his sister calls him. He has grown so much in 4 weeks! The first couple weeks were rough but you have learned very quickly that you don't get very far by throwing fits. He has very good manners and now he is a  good listener. Your favorite food is chicken or as you used to say "Kitchen". Your English is getting so good, you probably understand 90% of what we say. You love words with "R's" as you love to roll your "R's" and laugh! You are very good at helping your sister to understand something if she doesn't quite get it. You have the most beautiful eyes and eye lashes! Funny Tommy moment of our first month: I leave them watching TV in my bedroom while I take a super quick shower...I come out to find you have taken a 1/2 a tube of A&D ointment and spread it all over your head!! You didn't smell very good and I laughed as I explained to you that it was supposed to go on your bum not you head! That reminds me for weeks even in Ethiopia they kept saying "Dola" not even our guides knew what this meant...we finally realized (as we asked you for the hundredth time) as you pointed to your Bum that it meant Butt LOL Had you guys really been calling us and each other Butts for the last 3 weeks!!! Tamirat and Milly started laughing hysterically as soon as they realized we now got the joke! This month Tommy is starting 1 day a week at a play group for a few hours we shall see how he does! We need to start working on kindergarten skills. Your favorite shows are Sesame street and Barney hopefully we will branch out to something else this month! What will the next 4 weeks bring?

July 2010

Home 1 month Dec 2010
You light up the whole house! You are the sweetest thing! Everyone who meets you would love to squeeze you! You have flourished this month! The first few weeks were tough and cried yourself to sleep at bedtime and nap time and you woke up every night at 4:30!!! Mommy would lay on the floor next to your bed and hold your hand till you fell asleep, only to have you wake up for good at 6am! You are now sleeping through the night and no more pull ups at night! Thanks to lots of kisses and giggles before nap/bedtime you no longer cry! I cant give you one funny moment because there are so many. You are always being silly your favorite thing to do is wear a book cover on your head! You love to hide stuff behind your back and say "Where did it go"? Luckily you have gotten over your fear of the dog that was a relief! I wondered if you would ever let him near you! You both still love to drink water, milk is not your favorite actually you won't touch it! Not even chocolate milk! You don't know what you are missing! You love to get dressed up and you say "Oooh pretty" in your cute little accent. It makes me sad to think that one day it will be all gone! You are already picking up English so fast..short sentences are now full sentences and its only been 4 weeks! I love my Silly Milly! I especially love when you say.." Mommy give me a kiss" melts me every time! I love to look at your picture back in July and see how you glow with happiness now! I'm sure you will continue to "Glow" my precious girl!

One month and I thank God everyday for blessing us...if it has ever has been a thought in the back of your mind..ADOPT! It is so amazing for them and for you!

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  1. You children are beautiful! You are so blessed! I hope we have our referral by this time next year so I can look at sweet pictures! Enjoy every moment with them!