Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yard Sale Blessings

This weekend was our Adoption Yard sale... We were blessed with donations from many people! Not only did we have lots to sell but we were given $280 in cash donations!!! Friends baked goodies to sell and so did Marianna! Marianna and her friend handled the bake sale and the $ collection on Saturday and Francesca helped on Friday! The grand total was $980! We are soo thankful to all that helped in any way! I was so happy to be able to share about our adoption, I pray we planted a few seeds! We were also lucky to meet a women who works for a local adoption agency....she is a wealth of information! She is able to give me all of the contact info I need to get in contact with the local Ethiopian community!!!

Some people know all along they want to adopt others it gets laid on thier hearts later in life...If you have every thought about it..LOOK INTO IT!!! It is not too late! Even if your kids are grown there are still children needing a family..maybe you don't want an infant but there are so many older children without families. Maybe adoption isnt for you but you want to help a child in some way..SPONSER a child. We were blessed to work with Missions of Mercy when I recently visited Haiti. I saw first hand where the money goes and the families and children it helps. There are so many children out there! As one of our yard sale patrons said "IF EVERYONE DID ONE GOOD DEED HOW GOOD WOULD THE WORLD BE!!" I know we can't save every child but we can ALL help at least ONE!!

If you are thinking of adoption or fostering check out these websites:

America World (our christian adoption agency)

Baker Victory ( a local adoption agency-very recommended by friends)

To Sponser a child:

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