Saturday, May 29, 2010

One Year..

                                           Mothers day 2010, next year 2 more children!

One year ago we started this whole process..One year ago we told our family and friends...One year ago I started dreaming of my children...One year ago I started praying for the millions of orphans in the world..One year ago my eyes were opened

It has felt like the longest year, each phase of the adoption has had a wait time. First, we waited to see if we were accepted in the program. 2nd would all of our background checks and medical info be approved..3rd wait for our Homestudy to be approved..4th ,wait for the much anticipated I71h form...5th..wait for the awesome DTE news( 2/19/10)..6th, Wait to receive our referral(see our childrens faces for the first time!!!!)WE ARE HERE...That is not the end of the waiting...more waiting to come
But now I would just love to know who my children are...somedays we are so busy with the kids I forget for a minute but it always feels like something or someone is missing. Many people still dont approve or agree or understand our decision..why more? you already have 3!!! That will have to be answered when you meet our children and see how blessed they are and how blessed we are!!

One year...This year I will see my children...hold my a family of 7!!

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