Wednesday, May 19, 2010

 Today marks 3 months of waiting on the"unofficial" list! In the last 3 months things have moved quickly in adoption world. We are now in the Top 10 who are waiting. We have now opened our hearts up to whatever children God has chosen for us. I had a "plan" or an idea in my mind who my children were but I have quickly realized that I am not the decision maker! We discovered this one in Haiti. Everyday we set out with a planned agenda and every day God chose a different path. When we originally started talking about adoption my heart was in China, then after our adoption seminar Ethiopia started tugging at our hearts. We then opened up to siblings! TWO?! Yes Lord we can do that! While waiting we have been open to siblings or 2 unrelated children. We knew we wanted 2 one of each, a boy and a girl. Well that has not changed but we opened up to the possibilies of a bigger age range. Originally we asked for a boy(0-6mth) and a girl (18mth-5yr) now we have decided it can be either way a girl and a boy or a boy and a girl and the younger one can be (0-18mths). I am at peace with my decision! When I had my biological children I could not choose who they were, God did. I know he already has my children picked out. However that may look! Now we wait some more for him to show us thier faces!

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  1. Your ever-precious faithful hearts WILL be blessed with exactly the kiddos God plans to enrich your lives with! Your faithfulness in following His lead is awesome! Can't wait to see who these two lucky ones are! :o)