Saturday, December 19, 2009


SOOO excited! We got the letter today! And the best part is NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!!! We can go anytime during buisness hours!!!! So guess where we will be Monday?!?! I am shaking!!! I know its only fingerprints adoption friends understand!! Thank you Lord!!!

So for those of you who don't understand my excitement...7 months of paperwork all for one last form....which will come after we get fingerprinted! Then we mail all our paperwork to our adoption agency who then forwards it to Ethiopia! Then we officially get on the waiting list!!!

So the next prayer is that our fingerprints pass and our 171H form comes quickly!! DTE in January? Hey I can pray for miracles right?!


  1. WHOOOOHOOOO you are almost DTE!!! Believe me- I know how wonderful those fingerprints are!!! Hurry and go get them done!! Lets keep in touch- please feel free to add my crazy blog on your roll or my new button. I sure love our adoption bloggy land!!
    BTW- I LOVE your header photo of the hands around a globe. Did you take that photo. WOW!

  2. Kari, No I didnt take the picture..I found it on line:) You are already on my blog roll and I added your button!