Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still Waiting!!!!

It has been 2 weeks since we were fingerprinted! Everyday I pray the letter I need is in the mail..everyday I'm getting more frustrated! This is the FINAL piece of paper we need before we can submit our Dossier. I am a very impatient person...I've been trying the whole..In God's timing thing but.......Ugh its hard!!! Im really not mad at the mailman but everyday I seem to be getting angry with him..and he has no clue:) So pray with us that the letter comes soon and also continue to pray for us financial, it has been very discouraging. None of our fundraising ideas have seemed to work and how we are going to pay to submit our Dossier is a mystery but I know God will show us the way. Keep checking in..Hopefully we will be DTE soon!

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  1. Completely understand! We have our house up for sale to get the money to be DTE but after 3 months on the market - I am torn and ready to say "this wasn't God's will". So back to square one - we expect to be dossier ready in a month or so and don't have the funds either. BUT, I read once that faith is not knowing that God CAN do something, but knowing he WILL. It's hard not to try to come up with our own solution as a back-up though isn't it?? Gina Roots told me to 'fast' from all thoughts of 'how will I do this?' and that really does help give me peace, but those doubts still sneak up on me too. Praying for peace for you today, and no going postal on the postman!!