Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hair Stuff!

Let me start by saying...I AM NOT AN EXPERT!!! I have had my kiddos home almost 7 months now! Over those 7 mths I have spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours on you guessed it...their HAIR!!! Tommy has been quite easy his is softer and we keep it much shorter especially in these summer months. My sweet Milly she is where we have been having all the fun!!! Lets rewind back to Ethiopia.. it all started the first day we brought them back to the Transition home with us..Gotcha day!

I researched hair care and asked advice from other adoptive mom's before we went back for Embassy..I was going to be prepared! The majority said Coconut Oil was great for hair and skin! So we get back to the TH and its time for your first showers! Well Tommy loved it, Milly screamed bloody murder the whole time while I was trying to wash your hair for the first time..No it didn't go so well! So after you both got a little Coconut oil everywhere and I brushed what little hair you had with a bristle brush and added a bow to Milly! Bows make everything better right?! Wrong! It started this very day! Day 1 of you officially in my care! First it was the women staff at the guest house..The very nice ladies at the front desk. They started by feeling Milly's hair and gave a look of disapproval. This was the look I was trying to avoid! They told me her hair was dry and needed moisture..OK day 1!! I'm still learning here!! Day 2 more coconut Oil! This day it was the guard at the front gate..he patted her on the head then rubbed her hair and gave a look and then a smile. Oh I knew what he was thinking!!

This mom better figure this out quick!!! So 7 months later have I?? Well her hair feels 100 times better than it did!! When she first was home it was so coarse I felt like a failure..White mom with no clue how to care for my daughters hair!! I was really afraid that every black women was looking at me shaking their head!! Now I feel confident (except when I attempt to braid) that I am doing a good job! The Victory came the 2nd time I took her back to her black hairdresser...her words were "WOW I cant believe what a drastic change in her hair! I have never seen a quicker turn around!!" What a relief!! I can do this!!! So hundreds of dollars later and lots of help from other moms I think we have got it!! Her hair is growing and its SOFT and easy to more tears!!! Karen Winstrom recommended the last product and with the combination of a few more we no longer have hair stress!!!

So what worked for us?? Here is a look at our favorite essential products!!

So my favorite by far is available at Walgreen's. Shea runs around $10 each item but if you watch you can get it on sale!! They are well used and I'm in need of refills!! But can not live without!! The other products are available at Sally's Beauty supply. Mixed Chicks..again under $10 each. We tried the whole line but only kept a few.

So here is our Daily routine:
Every morning we spritz hair with Moisture mist..rub it in and then brush the ends of her hair to as I call it "fluff it up" after a nights sleep. She sleeps on a satin pillowcase at night. Then we rub in a good amount of Curl Milk maybe a half dollar amount. Then I detangle and style with my fingers. After her nap I repeat but use  Smoothie. If she has in puffs..braids or any other style I usually spritz with Moisture mist and rub a little onto the ends of the puffs. If braided just spritz. It is usually dryer after braids come out but it only takes a couple days to get back to normal.

Our weekly routine:
Once per week she gets her hair co washed which means I only use conditioner. We usually apply conditioner and bathe her. Then while she is still in the tub I use a wide toothed comb to first this wouldn't even go thru her hair now it goes thru with ease. The only trouble spot is in the back from sleeping on her head but even that comes out without much work and NO tears! I then rinse her hair. After dressed we towel dry her hair and apply leave in conditioning cream and comb thru. We then style or leave natural.

Every 3 weeks:
The night before I plan on washing we take out her old style and apply a generous amount of Deep Treatment Masque. This can also be done 1x per week before you co wash. When I say generous I mean till all the hair is coated in a good layer. If you can get your child to wear a satin cap even better..she wont! Next morning we rinse hair and shampoo with Shea Moisture. I then repeat our Weekly routine..see above.

My must have accessories are:
A wide toothed comb..Bristle brush and comb for styling. Also my favorite rubber bands from Sally's. For daily care I use the brush and finger style or detangle.

Some products I use sparingly are:
I use Cantu Shea butter for a little shine on the ends of her hair if she is wearing a natural style. Available at Target. Coconut Oil once in a awhile, it tends to leave a build up and make the hair look white if you use too much. I get this at a health food or vitamin store. I use a lot of stuff daily and it doesnt build up. These 2 items will if you use too much.

Tommy has very sensitive skin so anything scented causes is hair to itch and his skin so I usually keep his hair short and only use the Shea Moisture Hair milk. I hope that some of you have success with this product line too. Every child is different and everyone's hair is different! For now this is working wonders and her hair is healthy and growing like crazy!! So is her box of hair accessories!! Good Luck and Happy Hair care!!!

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