Monday, July 11, 2011

7 months

We are a fully functioning family of 7 now! It no longer feels new or crazy, it feels Normal!!! Yes we are alot busier and we tend to run late for things but we are getting better!! The kids are doing unbelievable! We are all home for the summer which means sleeping in and more help entertaining the little ones! We are having a fun month and the weather is finally getting better!! Lots of outside time makes for busy kids not bored kids! This was their first July 4th and they got to see fireworks many times over the holiday weekend.


You are definitely a boys boy!!! Always busy and always playing some kind of sport...although that sounds like your sisters too! You love to play like lacrosse and basically any sport that involves a ball. You and Matteo are inseparable since school is out! Although sometimes Matteo needs his "alone" time as he calls it! Its hard going from the baby and the only boy to having your brother at your side 24hrs a day! It is so nice having someone for Matteo to hang with they will appreciate each other when they are older!


Milly is growing like a weed but shrinking at the same time!! Growing so tall but so tiny! She is now wearing 24 mth shorts!! Healthy and a great eater though! You are one busy girl and you are loved by many! You demand attention from everyone but you are so cute its hard not to give it to you! You hair is finally growing and we are able to manage it without it managing us! Hair time is no longer a chore or a stressful time. You are full of energy and always on the go! I have a feeling you are going to be fearless like your other siblings!

Here's a look into month 7..

July 4th 2011

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