Saturday, June 4, 2011

A day that would change everything...

 On June 4th 2010 a Father would make one of the hardest decisions of his life. On this day I was home praying for the children I knew that were somewhere out there. God had chosen them but we still didn't know who they were. Everyday my pray was for God to keep our children safe and to comfort their family as they made a life changing decision.

  On this day on the other side of the world another parent was praying to God. Aleymayehu traveled 4 hours away with his 2 youngest children hand in hand. He was praying to God that he could provide his children with a healthy, blessed life. He was sacrificing a life with his children in order to save their lives. Tamirat and Million's dad walked into an orphanage and explained to the staff that he could not care for his children and wanted a better life for them. He knew that his children were suffering. They had endured sickness, loss of their sibling and their mother to Malaria and a constant struggle for food. He prayed that they would be able to have a bright future. He walked away that day leaving his 4 year old son and his only daughter who was 2. How his heart must have broke as he kissed then for the last time. Not knowing if he would ever see them again. This was a giant step in Faith. He put his children in God's hands changing their lives forever.

 One year later I pray that God comforts his heart and he knows that they are healthy and happy and flourishing. June 4th is a day we will never forget. Thank you God for the day that changed everything.

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