Friday, June 10, 2011

6 months!!!!

Our kiddos have now been home 6 months! We have been extremely blessed to have an amazingly smooth transition! We just had our 6 mth post placement visit with our Social worker, one more at a year and we are done! We had a great month full of happy times!! Both of them are doing amazing! Our whole family and a bunch of friends participated in a 5k run/walk for We helped to raise enough money to build 3 wells in Sierra Leone Africa!! You both had your very first Ice cream cones!! I love witnessing firsts! Our life is crazy busy but we love it! Here is a few highlights of month 6!

You had a blast at your first family wedding!! Danced all night!

5k run for water!! Team Ethiopia!

enjoying a "popipsicle"


Oh my little man you are so darn cute!! Everyone remarks on your beautiful eyes! Cute yes but SMART!!! Preschool is all done and we are preparing for kindergarten! This month you have been having fun at swim lessons and you are making lots of new friends. We recently bought you a lacrosse stick and signed you up for soccer!! Basically any sport that involves a ball you are all over it! Fearless and a quick learner! Look out I think you will give your sister Marianna a run for her money someday! Occasionally you will mention your Dad or brother in Ethiopia, always good memories. I think you miss home sometimes but you love your family here too. Tommy is a snuggler..I love getting big hugs! The new phrase for this month is "AWW Come On Mom!!" Yes it has not taken long to learn all of these great phrases from your siblings!

First time driving a go cart

Your favorite thing to do!


Our little princess!!! Oh has your personality come alive this month...and your stubbornness! We forgot what it was like raising a toddler! Let me follow with you are still 5x's better than any of our other kids were at 3! You are always smiling! Dance class will be a must for you in the love to perform and you demand all of the attention! Everyone loves to pay attention to you though. We are still rocking the eye patch for a while longer. It is working wonders! You have a very cute tan line to prove you have been sticking with it! Ring around the rosie is your favorite will do this over and over! You have changed so much since we got home you are almost unrecognizable. Its amazing what clean water and good food can do!

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