Friday, March 19, 2010

1 MONTH DTE.....9 months since we started

Our paperwork has been in Ethiopia for 1 month now...Since we have been added to the waiting list NO children have been reffered out to thier families. Each month usually many families are "matched" with thier child or given thier refferal as we call it! In January 17 children were reffered to families...In February..NONE....March...NONE(so far). We are unsure of why the slow down, we believe it is partly to do with the new guidlines the courts and the Embassy are following now. 1) Families are now required to travel for thier court apperence(previously it was done by Power of Attorney) 2) the embassy is now taking at least 8 weeks to issue the Visas our children need to travel home. So we wait!!! We are still way down on the list so we are praying for some movement!!!!
While we wait we are working on getting to house ready to accomodate 2 more children...we painted the kids rooms and put in new closet organizers and made room for the crib in the boys room! NOW BRING ON THE REFFERALS!!!

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