Saturday, February 20, 2010

WE ARE DTE!!!!!!! 2/19/10

After 8 months of paperwork and waiting our papers are finally on the way to Ethiopia!!! We are DTE(Dossier to Ethiopia)!!!! What this means is our huge amounts of paperwork is now in line with everyone elses!!! We are now on "The LIST" We will now wait our turn for our Agency to give us our referral! It is complicated to explain how long we will wait. We are requesting siblings a boy 0-6 mths and a girl 18mth-5 yrs. So we will go in line with those requesting siblings which could be a longer wait. The current wait times are 3-6 mths for a boy and 7-9 mths for a girl. If at our turn siblings are not available we would be willing to accept a single referral for a boy and then we would hopefully choose an unrelated girl from the WCL(waiting child list..a list of older children) We are approved for 2 children 0-6 yrs. Now it feels real!!!!!! We know our children are coming... it is just a matter of when!!!!

Next on the list...After thanking GOD!!

1) Raise the funds we will need for the rest of the process
2) Get all the vacinations we need
3) Get the kids rooms ready to fit 2 more kids!
4) Pray for the hearts of some of our family members to be opened to our decision and our future children


  1. Congrats Paige & Anthony!! I'll be praying the rest of your journey goes smoothly and that you get to bring your children home soon. :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on DTE!!! WOW! I cannot imagine how AWESOME that must feel! God's timing is perfect, but I pray for Him to grace you with His peace and joy amidst the waiting! Looking forward to what He has in store for you and your family! :o)

  3. Congratulations!