Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waiting Patiently....

Well we are at 6 weeks waiting for our approvel for our I71H form. I have calls in to USCIS and emails hopefully I will hear something soon or it will come in the mail! So many families are waiting for paperwork in order to be able to travel to pick up thier children..this waiting pales in comparison. To see there faces and know they are waiting for you is heart wrenching. If they can wait through that I can certaianly wait through this. I have to say all the waiting is the hardest part of this journey..waiting on others and government offices. I know in the end our children will be here and this will be long forgotten but we still pray for patience and focus our eyes towards our children.
 We were wonderfully blessed by a large donation by friends, words can't explain how greatful we are!! All money we raise goes right into our account to help bring home our children!
Praying to have an exciting announcement soon:)

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