Saturday, October 3, 2009


Its been a while since I posted anything. Cameron passing away seems to have affected every part of life. Some things just haven't been as much of a priority while other things have become more important. The thought of our adoption process completely slipped our minds for a brief moment. Waiting for paperwork just wasn't important anymore. Not that the thought of our future children has lessened any. We are at a very frustrating point. While others are waiting in line to receive their referrals, we are waiting for our SCR form to be sent back. After we get that back we can finish our Home study and apply for our next approval form. It is taking Forever!!!! All I want to be able to say is our paperwork is done and shipped to AWAA! I had all my paperwork done as fast as I could but it made no difference. If these forms would've been in we could've been alot further ahead. Even after we get done the next approval will probably take another 6 weeks....They say 4-6 month for the "Home study" stage, we are at 4 months. I am praying that this week we get some good news..our form has been received and we can wrap this stage up!

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