Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obviously a very bad blogger!!!

Dusting off the keyboard for a little update...

Time has been flying by! I guess when I started this blog it was a way to keep my sanity during the long process and then after they were home a way to share what life looked like in a new "adoption" family..Now we are just a regular family. Despite the obvious difference in our complexions we are no different than any other family.  We have 5 crazy kids who all love each other one day, fight with each other the next. Defend each other when needed, tattle on each other, cover up bad behavior for each other, pray for each other. We are a family.

I recently had someone say in conversation (no clue we had adopted) " I don't know how parents of adopted children can love their adopted children the same as their biological children?" "When they look at their faces they will not see any similar features." "How do you love them the same?"

YES we hear stuff like this all the time, some people just don't get it. I don't know if we did when we started this process either, the fear of the unknown.

What did I say... Umm our youngest 2 are adopted! (persons jaw dropped) then apologized and said Oh I hope I didn't day anything offensive (hahahaha) See clueless.

I love ALL of my children the same and I love all of them differently too. I would fight fiercely for all of them, hug them the same, discipline them, pray for them, guide them. I watch them all when they sleep and think they are growing way too fast! I worry when they are hurt or sick. Now some kids require a little more snuggles, some need less. Some need a few more reminders or directions. Some need to feel independent. Every child is completely different YET all 5 share similar traits. Maybe its a look or the way they laugh. Maybe they roll their eyes or make that oh so popular fish face their older sibling does. We are a family, an every day semi ordinary CrAzY busy family!!!

I am a mom who is feeling sad that all my kids are growing so fast! My oldest just finished her Junior year my youngest graduated Kindergarten!!! So I suppose I feel the same as most other moms these days. So when someone who looks at our family sees differences we see none. I feel like we have always been a family of 7. Our house is oddly quiet when we are missing even 1 child. (don't mention my oldest only has 1 year left of school..Im slightly freaking)

So I say all that because I think that is why my blog has been neglected. I feel like the newness is long gone and now we are a boring average family. Nothing other than regular every day stuff here!  So here are some of our normal every day happenings..

                                             Milly graduated Kindergarten today!!!

We spend pretty much every day at one or more children's sporting events!!

So if you don't hear from me in awhile
Know that I'm either sitting courtside,
at the side of a field,
in a stuffy auditorium listening to the best musician
or driving someone somewhere!
So until we meet again...

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