Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've clearly neglected our blog!!!!!

I have not posted on here in forever!!! My last post was almost 1 year ago! So what has happened in a year....

First being an adoption blog I will update you on our "bottom 2" as we call them..usually its the bottom 3 (our youngest 3).

Last year around this time I was blessed to go back to Ethiopia, while there I got to meet with thier birth father for the 2nd time. The first time was the day we both went to court..over 2 yrs ago now! This meeting was surreal!!! This is a part of adoption that is HARD!!! Our children are loved by not only us but a family on the other side of the world. This is a reality that I as thier mom deals with every day, especially after forming a bond with thier biological father. Every time they hit a milestone or experience a first or special moment my heart hurts a little knowing thier mom and dad, siblings and grandma are missing it. Thier mom is in heaven looking down that I know.

This hurt in my heart is the first thing thier father addressed when I saw him again. I of course was a sobbing mess!!!! He told me that God placed us in his life to care for his children and we are thier parents..ok lots more tears!!  I gave him a photo album of our children and was able to share video!!! To see his eyes light up was incredible. He made a sacrife for his children one that I am in awe of!! As a parent most of us cant imagine our lives without our children in it so how do you voluntarily make such a choice??? Not easily and not without a great deal of prayer. God placed our families together. We share an amazing bond. They have so much love that is directed towards them and parents that want them to have an incredible life. I pray every day for family I can not see but are never far from our thoughts.Adoption is not easy and is not for everyone but God placed our families together and knew before we did that this would be our family!!

Ok so onto the kiddos....


      This year has been a busy one!! Last fall she played soccer and loved it! Defense is her favorite position!! Then come fall..full time Pre-k! She has made a ton of friends and is learning very quickly. When you tell people 2 yrs ago she spoke no English they are shocked! She also started dance this year ballet/tap combo. This picture is from her christmas recital.
      She is Miss Social and still comands attention from who ever looks her way.She is a little mother and loves to take care of other kids and loves to help around the house. She loves sports just like her big sisters and asked for a pink softball mitt for Christmas!! There isnt much she cant do when she puts her mind too it! She had surgury last year for her lazy eye which did wonders and now wears glasses to help evenmore. Makes us very thankful for medical care that never would've been possible in her own country.



Well this picture sums it up.. seriously biggest sports nut ever!!!!!!!!! He is either watching or playing a sport during all waking hours and my guess dreaming of sports at night!!! I would say his 2 favorites are Football(NFL and college) and then basketball(NBA and college) then baseball a close 3rd!!! If you ask him he can name at least one player on every NFL team and probably college too!! He played soccer last fall, basketball this winter and now onto baseball BUT football this year!! His exact words were " If you sign me up for soccer again I will just stand there" "I want to play football!" ok eventhough Im not excited about it I figured we would give it a try..talk to me in the fall when im freaking out!!! He is doing amazing in school and nearing the end of 1st grade. He is amazing at math and reading. He loves to learn!!! He too has blossomed! Mr Shy is now Mr popular!!! Its amazing to see the transformation in both of them!!!!

As for the rest of the clan..

Francesca is finishing up her sophmore yr...this depresses me we have 1 so old!!! She has done awesome in school this year making the honor roll every quarter!! She is still sports busy too!!! Soccer in the fall, track in the winter and softball well thats year round! Next year it will be a drivers license and job OH MY!!
Marianna is finishing up 7th..this year allowed for school modified sports and a return to travel softball. So soccer, cross country, basketball, softball, travel basketball and softball, band, chorus and National Jr Honor society. Yes it alot!!! All while maintaining the high honor roll all year. She is never happy with just relaxing!!!
Matteo..our Big M as his dad calls him. He is ending 2nd grade. Matteo is a unique kid with not such an interest in sports but he loves nature and loves to be outside. He is in cub scouts and on a bowling league. He is an adult trapped in a kids body and you will notice this after talking to him for a few minutes!! Every day is an adventure to him!!
We were lucky enough to have a family friend in town over the summer who took our first ever family portrait!!! If you live near Grass Valley California be sure to look her up!!!
All 7 of us!!!!!
Here are some more randoms from throughout the year!!!!


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