Friday, March 30, 2012

Its been awhile...

I guess they are now truly our kids!!!! I stopped taking pictures!!! HAHA seriously life gets crazy and the newness wears off!! They are a PART of our they were always here!! So I forget the camera and I settle into real life. Doesn't mean I love them any less just means I don't have to photo document every step anymore:) Besides Tommy hates the camera!! Milly well we all know what a ham she is!! My older girls swear she needs to get into modeling!

So what has happened the last couple months????

Well For one Milly had her eye surgery to correct her lazy eye!! It went great! We are praying that it stays put but there is always a possibility of it drifting back. But for now we are down to 3 hours a day patching!! We discovered Yarn braids since my last post and boy are we addicted!!!! We love the versatility and the low maintenance!!! It is a very long process but its worth the 4 weeks of no more tears or detangling!!!! She is doing great in school! She loves her teachers and classmates!!! I swear she has grown another few inches and she has finally gained some weight!!!! She is one tall peanut!!!

Eye before

Tommy is doing AMAZING in school!! He is reading way above grade level and does great in math too!! His teachers are so amazed at his progress!! He is also opening up alot more and interacting more with kids!! He is quite the SPORTS FANATIC!!! He loves all sports and even learned how to record them so he can watch them to next day!! He is worse than his dad!! His smile and giggle melt me heart!

Loves swinging her hair!!

February trip to the Strong Museum!

Dad's Birthday

Well that's a quick update:) Easter is coming so Ill be sure to update again!!!


  1. They are all so beautiful! Wow, the difference in Milly- she was gorgeous before and even more so now. We are getting Skype this month so hopefully we can see your faces live in the next few weeks! Take care!