Friday, November 18, 2011

11 months!

This time last year we were waiting to travel back to bring our kiddos home, today we are in the full swing of life! It will be their first Thanksgiving! We Just wrapped up the crazy months of Birthdays, 4 kids within 3 weeks! Milly is next in January. I am NOT looking forward to the cold and the snow but the kids love to play outside in any weather. Everyone is doing great in school and involved in lots of extra stuff. Here is glimpse at the happenings...

Baking with Grandma

Big birds 1st Halloween

Tommy is 6!

Crazy Mo

Halloween 2011

My handsome boys at their friend arty

One other great event was Tommy and Milly got dedicated at church:) With family and friends present in front of a congregation of about 2000 people we vowed to raise our kids to know God and to lead them on the right path towards a life of following and trusting Jesus. See above video

Just call me NO TEETH:)

He is doing great in school! Math and reading are his favorites along with gym class of course.
He is such a social kid, I never would've saw that coming! He loves to hang out with any kids and he is always on the go. The minute his head hits the pillow he crashes! He is trying out basketball and preparing for his schools Turkey Trot race! He is very competitive! He is also very sweet! He loves any kind of sport and will watch anything sports related on TV..he is actually worse than his dad!! Do Not go near the TV when the Bills are playing he will be very mad:)


My beauty! She is full of life..happy..sweet and silly! She is loving school and wishes she could go more often. I would say even though we are together all the time she is Daddy's girl. She told me I need to get a job so Daddy can stay home with her:) She loves to dress up and I have a lot of fun doing so! I go through so many hair bows I decided to start making them for her! Here is a look at Milly's month

Baking with Grandma

Yes the pumpkin had to have a patch too;)

Modeling one of our homemade headbands

her new do

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  1. I love reading the updates and seeing how well they are doing! The pictures are great! What a blessing that the kids were able to be dedicated and are celebrating their first Thanksgiving home.