Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9 months ( a little late)

Back to school has certainly kept us busy plus soccer so I'm a little late! School is in full swing and we are in the back to school groove. Did my organization last past the first week...uh kind of:) Soccer is over at the end of the week but Tommy is not happy about it. We are all looking forward to a break. Time is flying by and the kids are transitioning awesome! We are so blessed we have not had one issue, I'm praying we only hit minor speed bumps along the way. It makes me sad to think their language is gone not one word remains! It is amazing how quickly a child can change. Here is a peek at our past of Tommy are hard to come by..he tells me No all the time:)


Boy is he loving school!!!! He is Mr Social too! Making lots of friends in school and at soccer. Offense is his favorite position on the field but he is equally good at defense. It is so much fun to watch him play. He discovered football this month too! We took him to his first Bills game and UB Bulls game. Most of my kids are more interested in the food at these events but Tommy is into the game asking lots of questions. He even has his favorite player..Mr Jackson! Sports are definitely going to be his thing. This kid is completely out of his shell now!

First Bills game


Milly is loving school! Her teachers are floored at how amazing her English is! They had no clue she had only been here for 9 mths or that she knew no English before then.We have started doing some more playgroup activities to keep busy while the kids are at school. We went apple picking for the first time, I laughed as she called a horse a dog! I had to explain she had never seen one before! It is so much fun seeing them experience things for the first time! Halloween will be another first for both of them..I'm sure once they see that you get candy they will understand very quickly!

"Is This a Dog?"


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