Friday, August 12, 2011

Home 8 months

This summer has flown by..the kids are having so much fun! Lots of firsts!!! First time at amusement park, first Snow cone! First time at the Fair, First time riding a rollercoaster! These kids will try anything!!! I love it! School will be starting in September so we are going to enjoy the rest of what is left of summer!

8 mths home

Not a surprise to any of us that you are afraid of nothing!!! First time on the kiddy rides you said "This is Stupid"! Then you pouted when you weren't tall enough for the big rides! Next time lifts in the shoes I guess:) riding and playing with your friends are your favorite things to do. You don't sit down very often! Here is a small look at this past month..


Boy are you a talker! Everyone we meet marvels at how well you talk! Still our silly Milly everyone fights over spending time with you! Your eye is improving so much! We are now at 20/70! Dr is hoping we can get to 20/40! You nap without complaining you eat great and are very well behaved for a 3yr old. You also enjoyed your first amusement park rides! This has been a very fun filled summer!

A few more shots:

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