Monday, April 11, 2011

4 Months!!

Time is flying another month gone by...we had another typical crazy busy family of 7 month! We are settling into things very well but we still manage to run late whenever we go somewhere. I'm sure we will catch up eventually! This month we had our 3 month Post placement with our social worker. In true Alleca child fashion they acted like crazy kids while she was here. She laughed and said "You have your hands full !" Yes we do!! I wouldn't change things one bit! She will be back again at 6 months and 12 months. After that we will be required to send a report once a year to Ethiopia. They are doing great!! They had their first visit to the Dentist and both passed with flying colors! Teeth look great and no cavities!! They also had to visit the regular doctor again for a 3 month check up. They both grew another 2 inches! Its amazing what good nutrition and clean water can do for you!

We also had a chance to introduce them to out AWAA group. We have a small group that meets near Rochester once a month, they have kids from China and now our kids are the 2nd from Ethiopia. Our fellow AWAA friend Marissa got to come for the first time!! Her and her husband Abe are waiting for the referral of 2 children!! Hopefully SOON!! It was great to see all the kids together and talk to our adoptive friends!!

Some of our AWAA time we take the pic at the beginning of the day not at the end..they were getting tired!


4 months home and he is completely out of his shell! He is doing amazing at school, the teachers are amazed at how quickly he is learning! He knows letters, numbers, sounds that the letters begin with, he is right on track with kindergarten readiness! This month we have been working on learning to ride a bike!! A few scratches and an almost broken finger and he has almost got it!! He can ride as long as I help him start but he still needs to learn how to steer!! He has mastered stopping without falling though!! Another few days of good weather and we will have it! He is so much fun! He loves school and he loves to be outside and anywhere his brother Matteo is!!


Everyone is in love with Miss Milly!! She is a non-stop talker!! She is always smiling and loves to giggle! She has learned how to ride her tricycle but its at a slow pace:) She loves to play with her dolls and play outside. I'm so glad the weather in finally breaking! She is now a typical 3 yr old..Mommy " I no like it" last month she still would've ate anything now we have learned what the word "Picky" is! She is a definite girly girl and I love it!! She loves to get dressed up! She also loves to smile for the camera!! Tommy not so much so you wont see as many pictures of him. Milly loves her "school" or 1 day a week playgroup! We signed up for another 10 weeks session. They both are doing amazing and play so well together!! I love being a mom to my 5 amazing kids!!!! Did I mention lately that I think EVERYONE needs to adopt!! ;)

Here are some pics of this months happenings! And I will post a video too so make sure you mute the music at the bottom of the page..

Our friend Evan moved home from California!

Nonna's Birthday!

Some Xtreme fun with our friends!

4 months

Tour of the Fire station

Spring is here!!

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