Friday, June 25, 2010

Come on referrals!!!!!

For the last 6 weeks there has been no movement in our adoption group BUT after a night of prayer things have started moving!!! Sunday we took 2 hours to have our whole adoption group pray! This week has been full of good news!! Court dates have been scheduled..families are traveling to get thier children...paperwork is being submitted for court dates and 2 girl referrals!!!! Im praying this is a start of LOTS of good things!!! Once parents take home thier children it leaves room for new children to enter our agencies transition home.(this is where the children stay from time of referral till the time we pick them up) So my prayer is that lots more referrals will be coming soon and hopefully one of them will be ours!! The wait is soooo hard! Come on Caitlin..CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road trip!!!!!

Today, Gina Root's and I drove to Youngstown Ohio for a little AWAA meeting!!! 7 Mom's in all stages...paperchasing, waiting for thier referral, waiting for a court date and those who have thier children already. Our Yahoo group is amazing!! Through all of this processes ups and downs we have such a HUGE group of support!! Questions...complaints...Crying..Prayer requests..our group is a lifeline! I could not make it without all of you!!

Those not in the group don't understand how you can be so close to people you have never met in person...but truth is our yahoo group probably knows more about each other than our close friends and family. First..I went to Haiti with Kari.. then I took a rode trip with Gina..and I had never met either of them before! A little CrAzY!!!! YES!!!! But I love it!!!

I am so blessed by all the friendships formed during this and I can't wait to meet more of my AWAA friends...untill then I will see you in bloggy land and FB!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Four months of waiting....not a happy milestone but hopefully we wont make it to number 5!!

While we wait life goes will let out in a few days...summer craziness will fill the days

But with each day and each night I still wait to find out who my children are...

praying for good things this month!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Praying for patience..

Oh is it those not in the adoption process it is so hard to explain...but my fellow adoptive families totally get it!!!! How can your heart yearn so for children you have never met? never seen?

How can we love the Lord when we have never seen him? ??Yet, we love God and we know he loves us..

From the first day I knew I was pregnant with my biological love began..with each day and each month that they were in my womb I grew to love them more and more..

The day they were born was the most intense love I have ever felt..the first time you look into thier eyes

My heart and my soul ache for my children...I so want to see thier faces...I pray it is soon

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My girls band

I laughed when they said they were starting a band....but I had no idea how dedicated they would be and how good they would get! Thier friends dad has provided the instruments and helped write all the music! My daughter Marianna was the only one who knew how to play thier instrument when this all started! They go to practice every week and have gotten really good:) On friday they played at our local middle school in front of 450 8th graders and staff!!!! This is thier debut.... The dad that organizes this and teached them deserves all the credit!!!

My Montage 6/6/10 at