Friday, June 25, 2010

Come on referrals!!!!!

For the last 6 weeks there has been no movement in our adoption group BUT after a night of prayer things have started moving!!! Sunday we took 2 hours to have our whole adoption group pray! This week has been full of good news!! Court dates have been scheduled..families are traveling to get thier children...paperwork is being submitted for court dates and 2 girl referrals!!!! Im praying this is a start of LOTS of good things!!! Once parents take home thier children it leaves room for new children to enter our agencies transition home.(this is where the children stay from time of referral till the time we pick them up) So my prayer is that lots more referrals will be coming soon and hopefully one of them will be ours!! The wait is soooo hard! Come on Caitlin..CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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