Monday, November 9, 2009


WAIT..WAIT..WAIT!!!! So our Homestudy was done 3 weeks ago and it is Still in the review process! We are at a dead halt! I know this whole process requires patience because there is ALOT of waiting but Im sick of waiting for paperwork. The longer it takes the more families that can jump ahead of us in line. I was SOOO quick to get all my paperwork done that I'm afraid stuff will expire too early into the process making us have to redo stuff.I so want everything shipped to Ethiopia by the end of December but its not looking so good. This part of the process is supposed to take 4-6 months, we are at 5 already and no clue how much longer. The next paper can take up to 12 WEEKS to receive and we haven't even applied yet!Ugh!


  1. Oh Paige, I totally hear ya on that 'hurry up and wait' part. We received our completed homestudy just a couple of weeks ago (after a month or so of waiting for it). Now I stalk the mailbox every day waiting for our fingerprint appointment letter to come! :-) We too hope to be DTE by Christmas. It could still happen for both of us!! What an awesome Christmas present that would be!

  2. I'm in no way a pro as I'm in the same stage as you. But in researching the boards I came across "what you wish you knew" and many people said they wish they would have submitted their paperwork for the i600a before the homestudy was final. I went ahead and sent mine in. They sent me a letter saying it was received and that it was considered 'pending' until the homestudy is received. Just FYI. And don't worry about me jumping in line - the Wages prob. won't be done with our homestudy until Jan-Feb. As far as funds go - bug people!! I have been Facebooking, blogging, emailing, literally begging. Only 16 people have contributed to our chipin acct. but that was enough to cover the homestudy, first agency fee, and i600 fees!