Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two done..two left..

Today was the second of our Home study visits only two more to go. Our social worker is really nice and is helping the process go smoothly. All the paperwork that can be completed is done, more will come after we complete the home study. We are trying to be patient with the whole process. Our life is a whirlwind with school starting and our annual West Virginia vacation this weekend.

Adoption note: we also changed the age of the second child we are requesting. We originally said we would except a child 18mth-3 yrs we now changed it to 18mth- 5yrs. We are hoping this will help broaden our chances. Siblings are harder to get and it is our prayer to adopt two children whether related or unrelated. We are confident that at the end of our journey we will have the two children God has chosen for us.

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